Sea-Glass Stickers Clip Art and Confetti

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2009

These translucent vellum shapes mimic the frosted luminosity of sea glass. A glassine envelope carries that theme one step further. To seal the envelope, use one of our stickers. We have a design to coordinate with each of these summer shapes.

All the decorative craft punches are by Martha Stewart Crafts and are available at Michaels.

To make the confetti, choose a light vellum in a sea-glass color. You can purchase vellum at an art-supply store, and sometimes at stationery stores. Vellum is stiff enough that it will punch out cleanly. Once you've punched the shapes, slip them into the glassine envelope and seal with a sticker.

To make the stickers, print our PDFs below on standard text-weight paper. Run the paper through a sticker machine (if you have a smaller sticker machine, cut the paper into strips first). Then use a craft punch to cut out shapes (turn the punch upside down so you can see the positioning of the design before you cut), working in rows.

Small ovals are easy to work with and seal securely, because they have no protruding corners (we suggest the 1-inch oval Jumbo Clever Lever craft punch, available at, but you could use any shape; one that is 3/4-inch tall will make the most efficient use of your sheets.

Get the Green Seahorse Sticker Design
Get the Green Crabs Sticker Design
Get the Green Sand Dollar Sticker Design
Get the Aqua Seahorse Sticker Design
Get the Aqua Crabs Sticker Design
Get the Aqua Sand Dollars Sticker Design
Flower Print Sticker Pattern
Leaf Print Sticker Pattern


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