Green Registry Products

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2009

You and your spouse will take a lot of steps throughout your marriage, and it's your responsibility to make sure those footprints don't stick. 

One way to save yourself from a lifetime of carbon offsets: Live green every day, starting with the day you register. From durable china that will never hit the landfill to an air-purifying vacuum and a mattress pad spun from recycled water bottles, each item is artfully designed and ingeniously useful.

Trust us -- while eco-chic used to be more like eco shabby-chic, times have changed.

Buying durable china cuts down on consumption. Blue Fluted Mega tableware, Royal Copenhagen. Transglass recycled-glass carafe and glasses, by Artecnica, from Re:Modern. "Living Green" (Freedom Press, 2006) by Greg Horn, from

Green is Bright

You wouldn't use words such as granola or earthy to describe these goods. They're bold, cheerful, and -- most important -- alive with energy.

1. Bicycle, by Novara Mia, from REI.

2. Natural maple Cain chair, by Staach, from The Future Perfect.

3. Wear-resistant cast-iron dutch oven, by Le Creuset, from Williams-Sonoma.

4. Organic cotton twill napkins in Cartouche, Olive Dots, and Confetti, Plover Organic

5. Hand-printed Pods and Shade pillows, dyed with water-based inks, by Balanced Design, from Nimli; and Chevron organic block-print pillow, by Madeline Weinrib, from ABC Carpet & Home, 212-473-3000. 

6. Bamboo Bo and Sumo bowls, by Ekobo, from The Conran Shop.

7. Sustainably made Coupe tableware, Heath Ceramics.

8. Trail organic hemp and cotton table runner, Amenity Home.

Green is Useful

Invest in vacuums, kitchen gadgets, and water purifiers that do the dirty work for you -- and moonlight as environmental activists.

1. Energy-efficient Carina vacuum, by Miele, from Bed, Bath & Beyond

2. CSA membership for local produce, for more information. 

3. Kitchen gadgets, made from recycled materials, from Bed, Bath & Beyond

4. Stop wasting water bottles, and use a purifying charcoal water pitcher, Design Within Reach

5. Measuring cups, made from recycled materials, from Bed, Bath & Beyond

6. Screw tops that help you reuse jars, by Jorre van Ast, from The Conran Shop

7. No Teflon here. EcoCook fry pans, by Martha Stewart Collection, from Macy's

8. Long-lasting Santoku knife, by Shun, from Williams-Sonoma

9. All-natural chopping board, Crate & Barrel.

Green is Chic

Why sacrifice your eye for design in the name of sustainability? From vintage to modern, tree-hugging home decor has come a long way.

1. Condiment dishes of sustainably farmed teakwood, by Bahari, from The Conran Shop

2. All-natural 10 black clay oval dish, produced without chemicals, by La Chamba, from The Conran Shop; and natural Horn" salad servers (similar to ones shown), $42, by Roost, from White and One, 516-767-2698. 

3. Durable Bossa Nova champagne glasses, $35 for two, and wineglasses, last forever; Nachtmann

4.Natural Horn flatware set, by Roost, from Carmel Bay Company

5. Katie papier-mache lamp, Stray Dog Designs

6. Discontinued (so requiring no new manufacturing) Persephone dinnerware, Asia-Turquoise cup and saucer, and bread-and-butter plate, by Wedgwood, from Replacements, Ltd. 

7. Read green: "Urban Eco Chic" by Oliver Heath (Quadrille Publishing, 2008), and "Eco Deco" by Stewart Walton (Aquamarine, 2000), both from

8. Recycled Varon jars with cork lids, each, by La Mediterranea, from The Conran Shop

9. Indestructible 1006 Navy counter stool in brushed aluminum, by Emeco, from Design Within Reach.

Green is Clever

Think smart: a lamp that conserves energy, biodegradable slippers you can toss without remorse, and a hemp rug that's (surprise!) soft.

1.Organic cotton Seaside Retreat Tattersal throw pillow, by Lauren Spa, from Bloomingdale's.

2. Christy organic cotton towel, The Company Store

3. Organically grown Hemp rug in natural, Sundance Catalog

4. Energy-efficient Brookfield desk lamp, Gaiam

5.Organic cotton bath rug, Calvin Klein Home

6. Bamboo robe, The Company Store

7. Recycled-glass Off pitcher and cup, by Esque, from Branch Home

8. Biodegradable Eco D'Orsay slippers, Acorn

9. Mattress pad made from recycled water bottles, by Eco Luxe, from Bed, Bath & Beyond

10. Organic cotton Pure Comfort quilt in thunder, by DKNY, from Bloomingdale's

11. Live green with "Jamie at Home" by Jamie Oliver (Hyperion, 2008), from

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