Dragee Favors: Sewn, Stamped, and Tied

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2004

Guests can't resist tearing into these charming parcels. Yellow packaging, at left: Put dragees into 3 3/4-by-5-inch clear plastic bag; cut 5-inch square decorative paper; fold in half, and scallop ends; slip onto bag top, sew closed, and trim sides.

Blue packaging, at left: Stack one 5 1/2-by-6 1/2-inch sheet each cellophane and decorative paper; sew three sides, add dragees, and sew closed; scallop edges. Tie on 26-inch ribbon; trim excess, and glue to secure.

Dark-green packaging, at left and below: Cut two 4-inch strips organdy paper and one 4-inch strip netting; sew together; add almonds; roll, tie ends with twine; wrap with calligraphed vellum band; tape in back.

Light-green packaging, at top and below: Print wedding date and icon on 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheet of vellum -- each sheet fits two; cut apart, fold each in half, and sew on three sides; cut off fold, insert dragees, and sew closed.


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