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Wedding Favors in Boxes

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 12 2000

Ensconced in tiny, exquisitely decorated boxes, a few candies or a slice of groom's cake become delightful gifts for guests to take with them at the end of the celebration. You can easily prepare the favors in large quantities if you use an assembly-line approach, but start early to avoid a last-minute rush.

Wedding Favors in Boxes How-To
Start with plain, inexpensive boxes, and fill them with anything you like: a souvenir from the city you are marrying in; a scented soap; or a few scrumptious cookies, chocolates, or other sweets. And be sure to consider how best to display the finished favors. You might arrange them in rows on a large table by the door, pile them in bowls for centerpieces, or set them at each guest's place -- perhaps even having them serve double duty as place cards.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate favor boxes:

1. A paper ribbon printed with poetry binds a stack of boxes (top left).

2. A blue ribbon threaded through the lid and sides and secured with knots creates a handle for this box.

3. This package is sealed with a personalized label made using a rubber stamp.

4. A copper-cord tie is finished with a monogrammed wax seal.


5. Buttons make charming closures: Punch holes in the box's lid for the button, slip wire through, and fasten on the underside; tie a ribbon to the button's base, loop it around the box, and wrap to secure.

6. The message on this lilac scroll was calligraphed, then photocopied onto the paper.

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