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Salt and Pepper Packet How-To and Clip Art

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2011

Tools and supplies:

  • White text-weight parchment paper, 8 1/2 by 11 inches,
  • Metal ruler or straightedge
  • Craft knife, or paper trimmer
  • Bone folder
  • Double-sided tape
  • Sea salt
  • Black peppercorns

Basic How-To:

Download our PDF and print.

Use a metal ruler to guide a bone folder, and score between the dotted lines on the edges of the paper. Then use a craft knife and a metal ruler to cut between the solid crop marks, cutting the paper in half in the middle.

Fold each piece along the scored lines (image side out), and crease. Seal the overlap with double-sided tape. Fold up the bottom edge by 1/2 inch and crease; fold another 1/2 inch, and crease. Secure with double-sided tape.

Fold down the top by 2 inches, and crease. Then reopen the packets and fill using a small scoop or a funnel, being careful not to overfill. Close flap, and seal with double-sided tape or a sticker.

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