Travel Shower

Creatively conceived and cleverly rendered, a travel-themed shower makes a perfect prenuptial party for any bride planning a destination wedding or honeymoon. These all-inclusive ideas are inspired by the immortal isles of Great Britain and comprise passport-themed invitations, a London-road map table runner, luggage-tag menu cards, and suitcase-style favor boxes and centerpieces.

When choosing a locale, you needn't be limited by the couple's honeymoon or wedding plans; in fact, you can choose any spot that's significant to them, such as the city where they met or the site of their engagement. Once you select the setting, be sure to have fun infusing the shower's details with a splash of local flavor.

To make the passport invitations, print our templates onto card stock. Use a glue stick to affix the paper together so the cover and pages resemble a passport. Using red ink and a circular stamp imprinted with the date, time, and place (designed to mimic those of official passports), stamp the insides of the invitations, then inscribe them with the shower's information. Keep in mind that guests might appreciate gift suggestions, so you can recommend luggage, journals, books, photo albums, film, and other travel-related items.

To make the suitcase centerpieces, create stacks of graduated-size cake plates. Tie a red, white, and blue ribbon around each stack, and place one in the center of each table. For the suitcase favor boxes, fill each mini-suitcase -- or "valise," as they say in England -- with candy, trim them with ribbon, and seal with stickers that read "London." To create the table runner, cut a London road map into a long, wide strip. Lay the runner over a red tablecloth, scatter foil-wrapped chocolate pound coins on top, and place an English tea cake at each setting.

Print menus and images of a British flag, glue them to paper luggage tags, and knot colored string through the tags' holes. And last but not least, make sure to provide each guest with a tea sandwich, rose-petal cupcake, and an English institution -- an aromatic cup of well-steeped afternoon tea.


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