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Program Booklets: Accordion Fold

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2003

For this pocket-size program, six pages of text are printed on a single strip of paper, which is then folded in an accordion fashion. The cover, of floral card stock, is glued to the front and back pages so that the program reads like a book instead of unfolding.

Accordion Fold How-To
1. Begin with heavy 11-by-17-inch paper. It's helpful to print cut and fold lines onto each sheet: Divide the page in half lengthwise (each long half will make one program), then divide each half into six rectangles.

2. Print your desired text in each of the rectangles.

3. Cut the sheet in half, and use a bone folder to make sharp, crisp creases on the printed lines; fold accordion-style.

4. Choose decorative paper for the cover, and cut to size. Make one fold in the center, and glue it to the front and back pages of the folded booklet.

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