Eco-Friendly Tips: Wedding Attire

1. Wear sustainable fabrics (organic cotton, silk, or twill).

2. Consider vintage/heirloom clothing.

3. Support fair trade by researching designers who practice equal pay, benefits, and a healthy work environment.

4. Select clothing for yourself and wedding party that can be reused.

5. Have a dress made with washable fabric so it can be washed in biodegradable soap.

6. Full-length gowns are expensive, use a lot of fabric, and require dry cleaning on a grand scale.

7. Dry cleaning releases volatile organic compounds in the air.

8. Instead of a wear-once veil, consider hair up or with flowers, or a hat you would use again.

9. Men: Consider renting a tux or suit so it can be used again, or wear clothing you would wear again.

10. For the couple who wants dressy wedding clothing: Purchase the fabric and have it made, make it yourself, or find a designer who uses organic or recycled-fiber fabric.

11. See if there are any shoes that are suitable in your closet first. If you buy them, make sure you can wear them again.

Eco-Friendly Tips


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