Wedding Inspiration from David Stark

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2011

Design inspiration can strike anywhere, and for event designer David Stark, it does.

David gathers ideas from hardware stores and garage sales, using everything from paint cans to Post-it notes to create decorative elements at weddings and other events. "Everyday items, when used on a large scale, can make a really beautiful and powerful impact," he says.

Customized Clip Art
David recommends using this sepia-toned clip art to give your wedding decorations a wonderfully old-time feel. Try wrapping the luminary and urn clip art around cylindrical candleholders and vases, respectively, for an eye-catching effect.

Cake topper template

Place card template

Lamp luminary wrap template (4 by 6 in.)

Lamp luminary wrap template (4 by 10 in.)

Urn wrap template (3 by 4 in.)

Urn wrap template (4 by 6 in.)


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