Caring for Your Wedding Dress: Removing Wrinkles

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2007

When you arrive with your dress (or when your dress gets to you), be sure to put it on a padded hanger right away. may find that many of the folds will come right out, but chances are the gown will probably need to be steamed a little. "Even if the dress has stayed in one spot, hanging in a closet for a week or two, you should still give it one last steaming before the ceremony so it will look fresh," says Steven Saidman, president of Imperial Gown Preservation and Restoration in Fairfax, Virginia.

Professional steaming will produce the best results; usually, the bridal salon where you purchased your gown or the place that did your alterations will provide this service. But if you've traveled, this likely isn't a viable option. A good alternative is to create your own steam room. Cover a bathroom floor with towels and run a very hot shower, allowing the room to fill with steam. Turn the water off, then hang the dress on the back of the bathroom door. Next, wrap your arm in a dry, white towel and run it down the length of the gown, smoothing out any wrinkles. This method is much less likely to leave water spots or iron impressions than a home steamer or iron.


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