Wearing Gloves: Wealth of Material

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2001

Gloves are available in a variety of fabrics and leathers, making it possible to find a suitable pair for any kind of dress.

1. This long, sheer silk glove would enhance a formal empire gown or a ball gown.

2. An ivory leather glove is detailed with a seed-beaded flower near the top.

3. The three-button slit at the wrist of this formal sixteen-inch white kid glove allows the bride to extend her hand out through the opening to receive the ring during the ceremony; the leather fingers are tucked inside the glove. This style of glove is called a mousequetaire, a feminine adaptation of the gloves worn by French musketeers.

4. A scalloped lace cuff and satin bow give this feminine ivory cotton gauntlet a Victorian look.

5. A rhinestone button marks the V at the hem of this white matte cotton glove.

6. This white cotton glove from the 1950s, with its border of white seed beads, would add elegance to a sleeveless dress.

7. A white silk shortie is appropriate for both brides and bridesmaids.

8. A delicate cotton filet-knotted glove with a crown edge adds a romantic touch to a simple A-line dress for an outdoor wedding.

9. Scalloped cutwork outlined by tiny ivory beads embellishes this white leather glove.

10. An ivory velvet glove is a good choice for a winter wedding.

11. Organza flowers are attached to the side of this white cotton glove.


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