What type of veil and makeup do I wear if I have eyeglasses?

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2009

I wear eyeglasses; will I still be able to wear a veil? And what sort of photography tricks and make-up tips should I remember?

Yes, you can still wear a veil! The key is to find something that's not too busy in the front. A cut veil is a simple and elegant choice, says designer Toni Federici. It has no edging and easily tucks behind your shoulders.

As for wearing your glasses for the photos, there are some tricks to minimizing the glare from the flash. Ask your photographer to snap a few shots angled slightly from above; for head-on shots, tilt the bows of your glasses up a bit so the lenses are angled subtly downward. "This could be a little uncomfortable," says California-based photographer Meg Smith, "so try it for posed shots only." Smith also suggests asking your photographer to minimize the use of the flash. If you spot a glare on your proofs, ask whether it can be removed digitally.

When it comes to makeup, less is more. Your glasses create a natural focal point on your face, so you don't want to do something that will add other focal areas, says makeup artist Bobbi Brown. She suggests subtle eye treatment: Line top and lower lids with black waterproof gel liner and wear matching waterproof mascara; a smoky shadow is nice. Also, make sure your eyebrows are neat and shaped. Skip dark lips, Brown says; they'll compete for attention. A medium lip and pretty cheek will complete the look. And don't forget to put powder over your foundation, so that there won't be a mark on your nose should you need to take your glasses off.

No matter what, do not feel uneasy about wearing your glasses. They bring another personal touch to your wedding day. "I love photographing brides who wear glasses," says Smith. "The pictures end up looking so real because the brides are just being who they really are."

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