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Flower Girl Headpieces

Making a Floral Headpiece

Tools and Materials
Fabric-covered floral wire
Floral tape
Glue gun (optional)
Flowers, such as rosemary, muscari, blue delphinium, and other small blooms
Seam binding or ribbon

Floral Headpiece How-To
1. Cut floral wire to a length of 12 inches. Use pliers to make a small loop at each end. Secure the loops with floral tape.
2. Using rosemary as the base, start on one end and attach the flowers with floral tape or a glue gun. Tiny blooms are best, and the flowers shouldn't be crowded. Add additional flowers.
3. Cut two 20-inch lengths of seam binding or ribbon, and tie one to each loop. Place the headband on the flower girl's head, and tie with a bow.

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