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Lara's Veil and Jewelry

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While traveling in Belgium almost 50 years ago, Lara Spencer's mother found a delicate, cathedral-length piece of lace that she later wore as her wedding veil. The veil has since been worn by each of Lara's sisters and has become a family tradition -- one that Lara plans to continue by including it as part of her own wedding. Though her mother wore it in a traditional style that covered her face and arms, Lara will wear the veil farther back so that the front falls just below her shoulders. When the veil is removed after the ceremony, Lara will use it as a stylish wrap over her strapless silk-organza gown.

When selecting her jewelry at Harry Winston, Lara eschews elaborate pieces that might detract from her gown, whose French Chantilly lace overlay is embroidered with Swarovski crystals. Instead, she opts for a delicate chain with a diamond pendant and simple drop diamond earrings -- pieces that add some sparkle without diverting attention from the rest of her ensemble.

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