Wearing Gloves

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2001

Gloves have been called the hats of the hands, providing not just protection and warmth but also the finishing touch that transforms any ensemble into something exceptional. Traditionally, they are a formal accessory, signifying the importance of an occasion, be it a debutante ball or a state dinner at the White House. Since few events in your life are more momentous than your wedding, gloves are an appropriate and beautiful way to complete your bridal attire.

"Gloves add elegance, formality, and a bit of an aristocratic feeling," says Jay Ruckel, master glove cutter, who, with his wife, LaCrasia Duchein, owns LaCrasia Gloves, a manufacturer and retailer in New York. "A bride wearing gloves is in keeping with the tradition of royalty wearing gloves. It sets her apart."

In any material, formal or casual, gloves help to elevate an outfit. These white cotton stretch gloves from the 1950s, above, are detailed with cut-work leaves and a scalloped edge.

History of the Glove
Modern Uses
Measuring Your Hand
Glove Lengths
Wealth of Material
Matching the Gloves to the Dress


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