Thread Bridesmaid Dresses

Martha Stewart Living Television

Every bridesmaid wants a dress she can wear again, but finding one is easier said than done. After Beth Blake spent countless hours unsuccessfully searching for such a dress, she and her friend Sophie Simmons founded Thread, a New York City-based manufacturer of sexy, elegant, and versatile bridesmaid dresses. Beth and Sophie discuss their unique design approach and the latest trends in bridalwear.

Beth says bridesmaids can now walk down the aisle wearing virtually any print, color, or style of dress. Although the final decision is, of course, up to the bride, today's bridesmaids needn't wear identical dresses, accessories, or hairstyles. In fact, brides are increasingly encouraging their bridesmaids to select different dresses in the same fabric or color. Or, as Sophie says, the bridesmaids may all wear the same dress, while the maid of honor wears a different style or fabric. If the bride does choose the same dress for all, she'll want a silhouette that complements her bridesmaids' bodies. Empire-waist gowns, for example, generally complement thin, boyish figures, while V-neck and A-line dresses are usually more suitable for full-figured women. Many styles that were once considered off-limits for weddings, including strapless bodices and short skirts, are perfectly acceptable today, while black is gaining popularity among bridesmaids -- a welcome trend for those seeking the perfect "little black dress."




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