Basket-Themed Shower

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2005

Cupcakes imitating baskets are an irresistible treat at a bridal shower. These, from New York City bakery Flour Girl, came topped with buttercream piped in basket-weave patterns. Festive gold foil liners enhance the illusion and won't let oil show through. We added paper-ribbon handles. For garlands, string doll-size baskets on gold twine. Secure basket with additional piece of twine tied in a bow. Then tuck a paper-white floret in each.

Use two colors of icing in your display, sometimes even on the same cupcake, since it gives dimension to the presentation; more than two colors will make it too busy. If you have a basket design you'd like to replicate, bring the basket to your baker or sketch the pattern on paper.

Shimmery paper ribbon looks like satin but is stiff enough to hold its shape. For each cupcake, you will need a 14 1/4-inch-long strip of 3/8-inch-wide paper ribbon, glue dots, and double-sided tape. Before attaching the handles, chill iced cupcakes for a few minutes so the icing sets and doesn't get marred.

Fold ribbon in half, and crease lightly to mark the center. Measure 2 1/2 inches down from the center on each side; fold ribbon outward at those points, and crease firmly. Bring side creases up to meet at center crease, forming bow shape; affix to center crease with glue dots. Do not crease loops of bow. To finish bow, wrap a piece of 1-inch-long ribbon over center; secure ends on underside with glue dots. To make tabs for attaching the handle to cupcake, fold ends of ribbon inward by 1 1/4 inches, and crease. Affix double-sided tape to inside of tabs; gently press to bottom of liner.


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