Ribbons, Sashes, and Bows

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2004

Ribbons, sashes, and bows aren't just for little girls and beauty queens. Designers are using these feminine flourishes in fresh, exciting ways to create modern, sophisticated wedding ensembles. The effect can be dramatic -- a vivid satin bow -- or subtly seductive, as in a delicate ribbon edging a neckline. A look can be inspired by a gown in a Fragonard painting or a sash on a vintage wedding dress.

Ribbons and bows have embellished clothing for hundreds of years. Louis XIV decorated his shoes with jeweled ribbons, and in the eighteenth century, French fashion plates festooned gowns with bows and tied ribbons around their necks.

Today's bride needn't go to such extremes. A ribbon headpiece, a bridesmaid's sash, or bow-trimmed sandals are details that will make an enchanting statement.

Ribbon Headpieces
Bows in Back
Finer Accents
Modern Veils
All the Trimmings


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