From the Market: Earrings

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2006

Colorful gemstones set in gold make a dramatic statement on their own or when paired with plain gold jewelry. They're a beautiful accent for simpler gowns, especially strapless or skinny-strap styles, and are particularly eye-catching when hair is worn in an upsweep or tucked behind the ears.

1. Aquamarine drops by Julieri.
2. Moonstones by Julie Sandlau.
3. Gold petals by Annette Ferdinandsen.
4. Pearl squares by Ten-ThousandThings.
5. Gold with white sapphires by Laurie Kaiser.
6. Rose quartz by Julieri.
7. Hoops with aquamarines by Melissa Joy Manning.
8. Cubic zirconias by Roberta Chiarella.
9. Opals by Wendy Mink Jewelry.
10. Crystals by Debra Moreland Is Paris.


These earrings are a versatile option to wear with any style of wedding dress. Delicate buttons made of stones and pearls are feminine and traditional. Larger crystal-encrusted pieces and oversize pearls and gems have a vintage charm. Hair pulled away from the face will give smaller jewelry more prominence.

1. Crystals and cubic zirconias by Siman Tu.
2. Faux pearls and crystals by Carolee.
3. Diamonds by Becky Kelso.
4. Crystals by Liz Palacios.
5. Gold-tipped crystals by Wendy Mink Jewelry.
6. Crystals with pearls by Erin Cole.
7. Gold and diamonds by Me & Ro.
8. Colored zircons by M+J Savitt.
9. Enamel with faux pearls by Debra Moreland Is Paris.
10. Crystal clips by Roxanne Assoulin.



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