Smooth and Radiant Skin: Scrubs

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Using an exfoliant once or twice a week when you shower (in addition to your normal cleansing routine) can make your skin feel soft and look healthy. Doing so also helps moisturizers penetrate more easily. Natural body scrubs use ingredients such as crushed nuts or seeds, sea salt, or sugar to slough away any dead cells.

If you have sensitive skin, try to use a body polish, which contains a finer grain, says New York City dermatologist Andrea Cambio, M.D. Or just run a soft body brush gently over wet skin.

1. Archipelago Botanicals White Sugar and Mango body scrub, $28.

2. Demeter Angel Food Body Polishing sugar scrub, $19.

3. Laura Mercier Clementine Body and Bath sugar scrub, $46.

4. Fresh Sugarbath Brown Sugar body polish, $62.50.

5.The Body Shop Nut body scrub, $16.

6. Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Creme Brulee body polish, $22.

7. The Body Shop Mango Mini body scrub, $7.50.

8. Elemis Aromapure body brush, $44.

Smooth and Radiant Skin


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