Smiling Pretty: Essentials to Go

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2005

Touch-Ups for Teeth
The last thing you want to discover as you're smiling for pictures and greeting guests is that you have food in your teeth. Pack a small container of dental floss in your purse just in case you need it.

Freshen Up
Pop a sugarless or low-calorie mint or quick-dissolving breath strip in your mouth after eating. Avoid ones that contain sugar, which actually promotes the growth of the bacteria that cause bad breath. Though no bride wants to be seen chewing gum, if you can steal away to the bathroom for a few minutes, have a stick of sugarless gum. Not only will the gum freshen your breath, chewing it (even for a short time) will help clean your teeth.

Brighten Makeup
A little lip gloss can refresh your look. For a quick touch-up, bring a gloss with you that's in the same color family as your lipstick. Some brands come in single-use packets that are easy to stash in your bag. Carry a small lipstick brush for precise application, plus blotting papers -- dab lips after applying gloss -- to set the color. Then brush on another coat of gloss in the center of lips to add dimension.

1. GUM floss, $4.
2. Altoids Strips in cinnamon, $1.79.
3. C.O. Bigelow Herbal Mints in peppermint, $4.
4. Tic-Tacs in cinnamon, 69 cents.
5. Heart-shaped Altoids in cinnamon, $1.79.
6. Altoids in peppermint, $2.
7. Cargo Daily Gloss in Sweet Cranberry, Shimmering Pale Pink, and Creamy Petal Pink, $10.
8. Estee Lauder Clear Difference UltiMatte Blotting Sheets, $14.

Don't Forget
Pack a small makeup bag with all the cosmetic items you'll need to maintain your look during the event. Give it to one of your bridesmaids beforehand for safekeeping.

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