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Waxing 101

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2003

If your honeymoon plans include swimsuits and shorts, you may want to consider a professional wax. The results can last for up to three weeks. First-time waxers should begin experimenting with the treatment several months in advance to evaluate their skin's propensity for redness, rashes, and ingrown hairs, as well as recovery time and duration of the effect. The procedure is most effective on hair that is one-quarter to one-half inch long (about two to three weeks' growth). Protect just-waxed skin with sunscreen; wait a few hours before applying so it won't sting. To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate skin daily after a wax treatment with a natural or nylon loofah. You can also use body washes and lotions containing glycolic acid; the acid dissolves dead skin cells and helps clear clogged pores.

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