Makeup for Eyes: Getting Perfect Brows

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2003

The best-shaped brows are neither too thin nor too thick and have definition, clean lines, and a nice arch. "Good brows frame the eye, enhance your features, and give your face a lift," says Eliza Petrescu, eyebrow designer at Avon Salon & Spa in New York City.

To get an ideally shaped brow, see a professional who can create a basic arch, about three to six months before your wedding. To maintain the shape, pluck or go to a salon at least once a month. There are many effective techniques for extracting hair at the root, which keeps it from growing back quickly. Waxing creates the neatest lines. Threading is an Indian method in which several hairs are wrapped with cotton thread and pulled. "Threading is great for removing hair that is very fine or prone to breakage," says Susmita Patel of Completely Bare spa in New York City. Tweezing offers the most control, since hairs are removed one by one. In all cases, hair should be a quarter-inch long for best results. Schedule final shaping two to three days before the wedding, allowing time for any redness or irritation to clear up.

Trade Secret
Don't match eyebrow makeup to your natural color.
Eyebrow powder is great for filling in sparse brows (or you can use eye shadow instead). To keep it subtle, choose a color a shade or two lighter if you have brown or black brows, a shade or two darker for blond (taupe also works well). Try auburn for red brows.

Makeup for Eyes


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