What should I do to style my short hair on my wedding day?

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2009

I have really short hair, so I don't think I can wear a tiara and veil. But I'd like to have something sparkly. What kinds of accessories would work?

Don't give up on a veil if you want one. Even haircuts as short as two to three inches can accommodate a veil, says New York City salon owner Eva Scrivo. She uses a stylist's trick to create small "pillows" of hair to which a veil's comb or pin can be attached: Two sections of hair, three inches apart on each side of the head, are teased and curled under, forming a base for attaching your veil or tiara. A bobby pin works best for this technique. Skip tiaras designed to curve around upswept hair; the ones with comb styles that fit across the head are best.

This technique can help keep other combs and barrettes in place, too. Many, along with newer hair brooches, have looped metal teeth that allow bobby pins to slide through for added security. Brooches, like combs, can be tucked into the hair on one side of the head for an asymmetrical look especially chic for short styles.

Bobby pins with crystal or rhinestone embellishments, tiny decorative barrettes, and headbands work especially well with short styles -- without any added effort. You may also want to consider the ethereal look of floating hair jewels, which are attached to the hair by magnets, Velcro, or snaps like those you'd find on a shirt.

If your hair is barely longer than a buzz cut, or the sparkler your heart is set on won't hold in your fine locks, have hair extensions weaved in, Scrivo says. The lightweight pieces are bonded to the hair just shy of the scalp; even if you don't add much length, you will at least have a more substantial base for anchoring accessories.

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