Expert Advice from a Makeup Artist

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2010

Rosie Rodriguez, Makeup Artist
New York City

Known for: Flawless makeup applications, brow shaping, lash extensions, and lessons.

How to find her: Honey in the Rough Boutique;

The consultation is generally the first step in determining your wedding look. What should brides expect at this appointment? 
I like to discuss everything from starting a good skin-care regimen to brow shaping and lash enhancements. I always offer brides the option to see half of their face the way they would normally wear it and the other half made up.

What should they bring to the consult? 
Come in with pictures of looks you like and photos of you where you felt you looked your best. Also bring a swatch of your dress and a camera. I like to take pictures from a few different angles in dim, bright, and natural lighting.

What if a bride wants to do her own makeup? Is it best to leave it to the pros? 
Not necessarily, but a makeup lesson is a good idea. When clients come to me for class, I prefer that they bring their own makeup so that I can teach them how to apply it. Lessons are especially helpful for brides on budgets or those planning a destination wedding.

What do you say to the bride who doesn't want to wear makeup? 
"Are you crazy? It's your wedding."

How should brides care for their skin in the months leading up to the wedding? 
Beauty begins from the inside out, so increase your water intake, and remember to cleanse and use a moisturizer with sunscreen daily. To avoid breakouts and bad reactions, don't try anything new three months before the day. And see a reputable skin-care specialist for treatments, like facials and peels, if needed.

Any good home remedies to use in a pinch? 
Rub a mix of brown sugar and honey onto your lips -- it's my favorite exfoliant. For a hydrating skin mask, I apply aloe vera straight from the plant, then rinse it off after 10 or 15 minutes.

How do you feel about spray tans? 
I get them frequently myself, but they're not for everyone. On very pale skin, even subtle color can look unnatural. The key is to do a trial run at least two months before the wedding to determine the tone you want, and to get a feel for how long it lasts.

You're the go-to girl for faux lashes. What options are available?
There are so many different types, from natural to glamorous to totally over the top. Temporary strips will last through the night, while semi-permanent extensions won't budge for up to two months. I think every bride should try them out -- they're like stilettos for your lashes.

Any brow-shaping tips?
If you're trying to grow them in, don't touch them. Step away from the tweezers! The less you do now, the better they'll look at your wedding.

Bold color is a huge trend right now. What's the best way to wear it down the aisle?
Play up just one focal point: the mouth or the eyes. On your lips, try a matte fuchsia or red lipstick, or a sheer stain that flatters your skin. On the eyes, use a shadow that accentuates your irises. Lavender and plum make green and blue eyes pop, while metallics like copper and gold look really amazing on brown eyes.

Any beauty tips for the honeymoon?
Keep it simple. Lash extensions are great, and they eliminate the need for mascara. For daytime, try coral cream blush and a lip stain, and use a hydrating mist for dewy skin. Heat things up at night with a deeper lip color and bronzer.

The five products she always has on hand:
1. Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation "covers flaws, looks natural" (
2. Shu Uemura Lashes in Smoky Layers "add so much drama" (
3. The Cle de Peau Brow Pencil "provides really believable color" (
4. Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara "darkens and defines" (
5. Make Up For Ever 5 Lipstick Palette #11 "has a color for everyone" (212-941-9337).


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