Valerie of Beverly Hills

Martha Stewart Living Television

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day -- not only at the event itself, but also in the photos she'll cherish for years to come. In preparation for her upcoming wedding to Terry Gaten, Kary McHoul wanted to achieve a look that would emphasize her green eyes without looking unnatural or overdone.

Valerie is the owner of Valerie Beverly Hills, a renowned salon that specializes in making brides look radiant. According to Valerie a subtly arched eyebrow will best complement Kary's features. First, she determines where Kary's brows should begin and end; generally, a brow should start parallel to the natural bridge of the nose and end forty-five degrees from the eye's outer edge. After applying a stencil to create the basic shape, Valerie individually trims a few stray hairs, then fills in the stencil shape with a brow pencil. Next, she applies eye gel to ensure the look she has created will last longer and applies a white pencil highlighter just beneath the brow to accentuate the look. From that point, Valerie curls Kary's eyelashes and affixes individual false eyelashes to the outer edges. Finally, she applies a coat of waterproof mascara -- a variety that's sure to stay put no matter how many tears Kary sheds on her wedding day.


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