Perfect Palettes: Using Pink

Martha Stewart Weddings, June Summer 2005

Working with a palette in mind is a smart way to plan a large event. It makes decisions easier and helps you think creatively. Here we show you three palettes using romantic pink.

Pink is not just one shade. To find the right pink for your wedding, start by gathering objects with pinks that catch your eye -- ribbons and trimmings, buttons and beads, a pretty piece of china, and so on. Don't worry about fitting the actual items into your event; just see what inspires you. No two weddings with pink as the main color need be the same. Individualize pink by mixing it with other colors to draw out its various moods.

Pink and Brown
Pink and brown make a sophisticated couple. For a formal wedding, chocolate-brown accents will give rose and watermelon pinks a classic loveliness. Sticking to deeper shades of brown is best, since lighter hues such as tan could make pink look too casual and washed-out.

Pink and Brown: Elegant and Easy Favors

Pink and Orange
The fact that orange and pink share the same red undertones ensures that they will look luscious together. This dramatic pairing would be at home in a wedding with a modern style; if you love the colors but want a more traditional look, add white to the mix.

Pink and Orange: A Modern Setting

Pink and Green
Imagine a freshly mowed lawn and pink lemonade: This duo is preppy and chic all at once. These colors are easy to mix; you can use pale, medium, or bright hues. For a wedding, just avoid pairing two deep shades together, which might be overwhelming.

Pink and Green: Refreshing Sweets Table


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