Perfect Palettes: Green and Brown

Martha Stewart Weddings, September Fall 2005

Familiar and eternal, green and brown recall trees, earth, and grassy fields. As a color palette, the pair lends itself to all sorts of weddings but especially to autumnal ones in the country, when the bride and groom want their celebration to radiate natural beauty. Yellow-greens like chartreuse have a modern air and work well with medium cocoa browns. Match mint green with deep chocolate brown for a vintage feeling. A light oatmeal color updates classic hunter green. And whites and ivories enhance all greens and browns. Gather pieces you love, and draw your wedding palette from these. A cache of ribbons, fabrics, and other notions, as well as a card of vintage buttons and a 1950s teacup, inspired the details on the following pages. Interpret our ideas in the greens and browns that please you.

Elegant Stationery
Beribboned Wreath
The Best Trimmings


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