The Magic of Color: Blue

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2007

When a bride wears something blue, she is tapping into a tradition that stretches back to the days of the biblical Hebrews, who believed the color symbolized loyalty and spiritual constancy. But why restrict yourself to merely a garter or a pair of satiny shoes that peek from beneath your hem? Added as more than a wisp to a wedding, shades from Tiffany to Titian blue have a grandness about them. (No wonder more people all over the world rank it as their favorite color.)

Try having your cake frosted in regal Wedgwood blue or carrying a bouquet dripping with fragrant hyacinths or pillowy azure hydrangeas. No doubt your guests will find your boldly blue-tinged celebration really something.

Ribbon Cake
Nesting Favors
Stacked Monogram Cupcakes


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