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Wedding Color Details

Martha Stewart Living Television

A color scheme can unify the look of a wedding and reduce the seemingly daunting number of options involved in the event's planning. Martha Stewart Weddings editor Darcy Miller suggests choosing a palette and applying it to the many details a wedding comprises, such as the invitations, flowers, reception decor, and favors. After the wedding date has been established, there are a few ways in which to select your palette. Some brides pick their color schemes based on the flowers that will be in season that time of year, while others simply choose their favorite color.

Yellow has been bride Lara Spencer's favorite color since childhood, so as Darcy coordinates Lara's wedding, she includes yellow in almost every detail. The invitations are engraved in yellow; the programs are printed on yellow plaid paper tied with delicate yellow gingham ribbons; the bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets contain yellow and white chamomile blossoms; guests receive yellow-painted wooden gift baskets filled with treats such as lemon drops and jars of lemon creme curd; and yellow-piped petit four favors are presented in clear boxes lined with yellow archival paper.

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