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Winter Flower Arrangement

Martha Stewart Living Television

Winter weddings present a seeming challenge to a florist: How do you capture the essence of a season that is usually bare of blooms? Floral designer Antony Todd shares a few of his solutions, which are centered on pristine sprays of white Narcissus.

Antony suggests using abundant, cut paper-whites in silver buckets; you can extend their beauty past the wedding by planting the bulbs in the buckets. For a more delicate result, plant individual bulbs in small silver cups. It's particularly lovely to cast a soft light on occasions held in darkest winter with lots of candles. Instead of using hurricane lamps or traditional large candelabra, create a more ethereal effect by using floating candles or clear Lucite candelabra. Small votives can be wrapped with hardy Galax leaves, commonly available in flower markets.

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