Happy Anniversary Wishes for Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2010

It's hard to believe that it has been 15 years since we published the first issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. We are so happy to bring our brides creative ideas and inspiration to help them plan the biggest day of their lives. 

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we asked some of our closest friends and vendors to send their anniversary wishes, and if you have a few minutes, please feel free to do the same in the comments below. We love hearing from our readers -- it's because of you we keep the ideas coming. Here is to another 15 years of ideas and inspiration!

"Happy birthday! The Martha Stewart Weddings team means 'attention to detail.' Our favorite part is thumbing through the spreads of projects and oohing and ahhing over all the prop-styling details. It's so tastefully laid out. This continues to inspire our creativity and make us better at what we do." -- Jillian Clark, blogger, 100 Layer Cake

"Martha Stewart Weddings has truly raised the bar for bridal publications. Through their dedication to style and luxury, the team at Martha Stewart has set the standard for chic when it comes to weddings." -- Amsale Aberra, creative director & co-CEO, Amsale

"Martha Stewart Weddings was the first magazine in which I placed an ad when I started the Anne Barge bridal collection. If I could only have presence in one magazine, it would be Martha Stewart Weddings. It epitomizes excellent taste and refinement." -- Anne Barge Clegg, president, Anne Barge

"A very happy anniversary to Martha Stewart Weddings! So grateful for all your support throughout my career in the United States. I've always thought it a great honor to be featured inside your very special pages. Thank you!" -- Angel Sanchez, designer, Angel Sanchez

"For 15 years, you have set the standard, raised the bar, and inspired us all! It has been an honor to be a part of the journey year after year. Happy anniversary!" -- Anna Griffin, president, Anna Griffin, Inc.

"As the quintessential wedding publication, Martha Stewart Weddings contributes to a bride's vision and guides designers, like myself, in making that dream become reality." -- Antony Todd, event designer, Antony Todd Studios Events & Interiors

"Since its inception, Martha Stewart Weddings has been a huge inspiration to us. The photography, the resourcefulness, and the ideas in those pages continue to amaze us. Congratulations on 15 years!" -- Mark Badgley & James Mischka, designers, Badgley Mischka

"It is one thing for an artist to do one's work; it is another to have it recognized and appreciated by legends in the field. A toast to 15 years of Martha Stewart Weddings -- I am grateful and fortunate to have been a part of it." -- Bernard Maisner, owner, Bernard Maisner Calligraphy & Fine Stationery

"Congratulations to Martha Stewart Weddings on its 15th birthday. This magazine has opened up a world of ideas for the bride on a shoestring or the bride wishing for a very elaborate wedding. The content and ideas are first-class. We frequently receive requests to make a specific 'Martha' wedding cake. We look forward to another 15 years!" -- Beryl Loveland, owner, Beryl's Cake Decorating & Pastry Supplies

"Martha Stewart Weddings is a wonderful resource for brides, full of fresh, beautiful ideas and practical advice on how to make them a reality. Congratulations on 15 inspiring years." -- Bobbi Brown, founder, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"Ever since I was a teen, I've been collecting issues of Martha Stewart Weddings and tearing out the pages for my own wedding binder -- without having a fiance! When I did finally get engaged, Weddings played a pivotal role in my planning. I don't know where I would have been without it! Congrats on your 15 years, and here's to 15 more!" -- Vane Broussard, editor, bklynbrideonline.com

"Thank you for continually teaching us, inspiring us, and challenging us to create innovative designs for today's brides. It has been and will always be an honor and a privilege to be part of such an inspirational and forward-thinking publication. Here's to the next 15 years!" -- Theresa Kuo, owner, B.T. Elements

"Happy anniversary! Being featured in Martha Stewart Weddings is the ultimate seal of approval and gives you a national stage. I've had brides come to me with their tear sheets of Martha Stewart Weddings articles that we did years ago. Above all, every collaboration with its editors and stylists has been great; they are fun and have amazing style." -- Peter Callahan, owner, Callahan Catering

"Hats off to you and your team! Martha Stewart Weddings has been our inspiration, our source, and our partner. Congratulations on 15 years, and here's to 15 more! Thanks for your continued dedication and endless creativity over the years." -- Kelven Book, caterer, Canard

"Martha Stewart Weddings is the most elegant and chic magazine for brides. In it, they can find anything they dream of for their wedding! Congratulations on your 15th anniversary!" -- Carolina Herrera, fashion designer, Carolina Herrera

"Congratulations to Martha Stewart Weddings on your 15th anniversary! You are an inspiring magazine that offers your readers a distinctive style. As the House of Cartier is celebrating our 100th anniversary in America, we look to make our clients' dreams come true; you do this for brides every day. Your jewelry coverage is artistic, innovative, and truly unique." -- Frederic de Narp, president & CEO, Cartier North America

"Martha Stewart Weddings elevated the everyday invitation into beautiful art, albeit art with vintage postage stamps. It was the first magazine to feature wedding invitations that reflect who you are as a couple. And as a stationer, I'm incredibly grateful." -- Cheree Berry, owner, Cheree Berry Paper

"I'm told that all over the country, in each of our locations, your magazine pages, torn out of many past issues, are on the table at brides' planning appointments. All of us at Classic congratulate Martha Stewart Weddings for leading the way to weddings that have a touch of Martha in each of them." -- Pedro Mata, president, Classic Party Rentals

"Martha Stewart Weddings is the defining resource that determines the latest trends in cake design. It is the only wedding magazine I have a subscription to!" -- Elisa Strauss, owner, Confetti Cakes

"Martha Stewart Weddings has become so influential in the industry. Today, we are proud to complete the circle by partnering with this visionary entrepreneur. Happy anniversary." -- Charles J. Kittredge, chairman & CEO, Crane & Co.

"Congratulations on 15 wonderful years! With gorgeous photographs and innovative editorial, Martha Stewart Weddings has helped transform the way we think about weddings and gift registry." -- Barbara Turf, CEO, Crate & Barrel

"Congratulations on 15 years of fabulous issues I keep coming back to -- and that many people consider part of Crossings' lending library. The style is so fresh when one opens the latest issue, and so timeless when revisiting the early ones. You and your team prove that good taste is available to all. Can't wait for the next issue, and the next, and the next...Bravo!" -- Francoise Bureau Crook, owner, Crossings

"As I was growing up in rural Pennsylvania, each new issue of Architectural Digest, the gold standard of interior design, was my most valued possession. Then 15 years ago, a new gold standard was set with Martha Stewart Weddings. Long before I began designing events, I looked to it for inspiration, information, innovation. I look forward to each issue -- and the next 15 years." -- David Monn, owner, David Monn

"After 15 years, you are still the ultimate inspiration for brides -- from the gorgeous photography to the clever twist on making a wedding personal and unique. We wish you a happy anniversary and look forward to many more years of collaborating on weddings with Martha Stewart Weddings!" -- Ann David & Nicky Reinhard, founders, David Reinhard Events

"Martha Stewart Weddings has truly been able to capture the sparkle and brilliance of De Beers diamond jewelry over the years. The elegance of each page transcends the typical, and has thus created a platform in which the beauty of each De Beers diamond can be expressed as the ultimate gift of love." -- Hamida Belkadi, CEO, De Beers Diamond Jewelers U.S.

"Martha Stewart has created the ultimate guide to celebrating a woman's wedding. The magazine impressively manages to offer both fantasy and reality to inspire the details that are essential to making that day happen." -- Sally Morrison, director, Diamond Information Center

"Martha Stewart Weddings has been instrumental in the success of our business. It has put our company on the map and made it the success that it is today. After being featured in the magazine, we received inquiries for business all over the country!" -- Donna Newman, owner, Donna Newman Photography

"Martha Stewart is the ultimate candy girl at heart. She is super sweet and has been very supportive of me. She never ceases to amaze and inspire me with the creative twists she puts on candy crafts and favors. Happy anniversary!" -- Dylan Lauren, CEO & founder, Dylan's Candy Bar

"Perhaps more exciting than my wedding day itself was seeing my cookies in Martha Stewart Weddings -- for my mother at least! I cannot thank you enough for all of the support you've given my company over the years." -- Eleni Gianopulos, owner, Eleni's New York

"Economy Candy has enjoyed partnering with the wonderful Martha Stewart Weddings team, working to make sure every couple's special day is happy, healthy, and, of course, sweet! Congratulations!" -- Jerry Cohen, owner, Economy Candy


"We launched five years ago with a similar philosophy: to present brides with fresh ideas and products, giving them the ability to design, dream, and create their party accessories. We have enjoyed working with your design teams, editors, and photographers. Thank you, Martha, Darcy, and all the others. Congratulations on 15 exceptional years! Cheers to 15 more!" -- Sari Mintz, president, ForYourParty.com

"Martha Stewart Weddings introduced a modern approach to wedding style. You added a much-needed element of sophistication to the bridal business, and you continue to be a great resource and source of inspiration for our customers. Happy birthday!" -- Frederic Fekkai, founder, Frederic Fekkai & Co.

"It has been my honor to be featured regularly in Martha Stewart Weddings as a calligrapher and invitation designer, and it has been a pleasure to work with such a smart, fun, and super-creative staff. They have raised the bar for the industry. Tasteful, elegant, creative, unique, and inspiring -- the magazine is all this and more. Congratulations on 15 years of groundbreaking work!" -- Gail Brill, owner, Gail Brill Design

"Martha Stewart Weddings is known for creativity, style, and quality. By using our candy in imaginative ways, you've opened up opportunities for us to play a part in so many couples' wedding days -- we continue to receive requests for custom candies for years after they appear in the publication. Brides keep and use your magazine as a bible for their special day." -- Andrew Schuman, president, Hammond's Candies

"Martha Stewart Weddings has single-handedly set the standard for what weddings can be: beautiful, personal, handcrafted reflections of the happy couple. Thanks for all you do, and keep up the great work!" -- Eunice & Sabrina Moyle, cofounders, Hello!Lucky

"I see the magazine as a visual forerunner and a vital ally of a new generation of photographers who want to take more classic, timeless images at weddings. The beautiful, artful photographs featured by Martha Stewart Weddings show the readers and the whole genre that there is a genuine, vibrant, and sophisticated way to capture the memories of weddings." -- Holger Thoss, photographer, Holger Thoss Photography

"Fifteen years ago I had retired from the wedding portion of my flowers business. My fiancee -- now my wife -- forced me to look at Martha Stewart Weddings. Well, halfway through it I was back in the wedding business. Martha had reinvented it with great ideas and expert advice. Thank you, Martha, for teaching me how to be a perfectionist and remain civilized." -- Michael George, florist, Hybrid

"Martha Stewart Weddings is the first purchase for every newly engaged girl I know. The mix of casual elegance, expert advice, and impeccable taste is something we all aspire to. I love poring over each issue." -- Jenna Lyons, creative director, J.Crew

"Our wedding-gown preservation business could never have grown to be an industry leader without the early and continuing support of Darcy, the Weddings staff, and of course Martha. Receiving the imprimatur of Martha Stewart Weddings is the holy grail for any industry participant. All of us wish you a happy anniversary and offer our sincere wishes for continued success." -- Jonathan Scheer, president, J. Scheer & Co.

"I have worked with the team at Martha Stewart Weddings for many years now, and I have found them to be the best in the business. Whether the bride is looking for high-end dresses or not, she knows the only place to start is at Martha Stewart Weddings, which now has the distinguished reputation far and wide of being the best bridal book around." -- Joan Calabrese, president & designer, Joan Calabrese

"What I think Martha has really accomplished is to help brides wrestle the control of the wedding back from their mothers. The magazine gives young women confidence to trust their individual taste. For me, personally, it has also been a matchmaker: Brides who value photography find my work, and I find brides who appreciate my approach to photography." -- John Dolan, photographer

"I recall thinking what a great-looking issue the first Weddings was, and that it had a unique perspective on the industry. I was delighted -- seven years later -- to join the party when Tal Recanti and I launched our gown business. Happily, age has not withered, nor has custom staled, Martha Stewart Weddings' infinite variety -- the book looks as fresh as ever!" -- Judd Waddell, cofounder, Judd Waddell

"More than any other magazine, Weddings has highlighted the contribution beautiful paper makes to a festive and memorable wedding -- from the invitation through the entire celebration. Thank you!" -- Julie Holcomb, owner, Julie Holcomb Printers

"Martha Stewart Weddings is the ultimate go-to guide for the stylish bride-to-be! Chic, timeless, and always lovely -- Weddings has had a profound impact on the bridal industry as we know it today. Juliska is proud to grace your pages. Cheers to 15 years!" -- Capucine & David Gooding, cofounders, Juliska

"Martha Stewart Weddings has dramatically impacted the taste level of brides over the years. Sixty thousand brides visit Kleinfeld annually to buy their wedding gowns, and each comes clutching pictures of gorgeous dresses torn out from the magazine's pages. We congratulate all of our wonderful friends at Martha Stewart Weddings!" -- Mara Urshel & Ronnie Rothstein, co-owners, Kleinfeld

"It was such a great pleasure to do makeup for Darcy Miller's wedding. Since then, Weddings has been a staple in our studio and is the first point of reference for all of our brides. Your publication's beauty inspires us every day. We would like to wish the Martha Stewart Weddings team a happy anniversary. We are looking forward to many more years of working together." -- Laura Geller, CEO & owner, Laura Geller Makeup

"Martha Stewart Weddings is the most inspiring wedding publication out there. Not only are the issues packed with innovative ideas, but the magazine beautifully captures the essence of weddings: the emotions, the timeless traditions, and the love that is behind every detail. It's that authenticity that has resonated with me and all my brides for the last 15 years." -- Laurie Arons, founder, Laurie Arons Special Events LLC

"Some of our most creative, whimsical, and chic brides have come to us after one of our designs was featured on your pages. Thank you for continuing to inspire women to be individualistic when planning one of their most unforgettable moments." -- Lela Rose, founder, Lela Rose

"It's all in the mix! That's what you guys excel at. Every issue brings new and oftentimes unorthodox ways of looking at our industry, by cross-pollinating concepts from cakes to embroideries to color mixes on flowers to typography and artwork. Thanks for 15 years of inspiration." -- Carlos Ramirez, designer & owner, Liancarlo

"Martha Stewart Weddings took standard wedding photography and reinvented it, elevating it to an art form. I continue to reference back issues for inspiration -- I own every single one -- and always look forward each season to the next issue for ideas and gorgeous photography that is both emotional and beautiful." -- Liz Banfield, owner, Liz Banfield Photography

"Martha is a true icon -- that's why Macy's quickly agreed to be the most prominent advertiser in the premier issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Today's brides continue to look to Martha, making her one of our top-registered-for brands. Congrats!" -- Susan Bertelsen, group VP, Macy's Wedding and Gift Registry

"Thank you, Martha and staff! Martha Stewart Weddings raised the bar of taste, elegance, and sophistication for weddings and our beloved industry. It brought an awareness and interest that had not previously existed. Congratulations on 15 remarkable years!" -- Mark A. Ingram, CEO, Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier

"It is hard to put into words how Martha Stewart Weddings has affected myself and my business. Personally, the magazine was a big inspiration when my wife and I planned our wedding 12 years ago. On the business end, it has been the greatest experience to know and work with the editors and stylists. Happy anniversary!" -- Steven Fraser, president, Masterstroke Canada

"It has been such a privilege working with everyone at Martha Stewart Weddings. It has allowed my business to flourish and has opened doors to opportunities that I could only dream of. I will never forget how much you have done for me and my business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" -- Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, calligrapher

"One can always count on one hand a few pivotal relationships that helped launch their career. Well, my first big spread in Martha Stewart Weddings put my event-planning company on the map! Happy anniversary." -- Michelle Rago, founder, Michelle Rago, Ltd.

"There is not one bride who walks in without pages from your magazine. Then there are people like me, who would never dream of ripping a page because they are forever collectible! I am always inspired by your creativity." -- Mindy Weiss, event planner, Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

"Martha Stewart Weddings represents the best of what the industry has to offer: style and substance. They have raised the bar in guiding you on how to throw the chicest weddings. Cheers to another 15 blissful years!" -- Monique Lhuillier, creative director, Monique Lhuillier

"Martha Stewart Weddings is the one magazine I have purchased every quarter without a doubt since I was 16. The ideas and weddings in the magazine are timeless, and I consistently find myself going back to its pages for inspiration more than any other magazine. Congrats on 15 years!" -- Emily Newman, founder, Once Wed

"You have always been and continue to be a pioneer in the wedding industry because you inspire both brides and vendors, including us, to think outside of the box. I look forward to each issue and very much appreciate the tremendous response we have received from our appearances in the magazine. Thank you -- and happy anniversary!" -- Dawn Casale, owner, One Girl Cookies

"Over the years, I have read Martha Stewart Weddings not only to see the fantastic way in which the editors have featured my collections, but also for their wonderful taste and fresh approach to bridal. Congratulations on your 15-year anniversary!" -- Oscar de la Renta, founder, Oscar de la Renta

"Congratulations! Is it really 15 years already? Darcy Miller and the rest of the editorial team have been such a pleasure to work with over the years as Martha Stewart Weddings embraced the art of letterpress. Weddings is the best bridal magazine for its quality of editorial. Our best wishes for many more years of success and growth!" -- Julie Gibb & Christian Morrison, owners, Pantry Press

"Martha Stewart Weddings has been a great inspiration to our graphic design and stationery company. Ever since our wedding was featured a few years ago, our custom wedding business has really taken off. We are thankful to have been a part of your past issues and look forward to seeing more beautiful issues in the future. Warmest wishes and congratulations, Weddings!" -- Minhee & Truman Cho, founders, Paper + Cup

"Over the years, we've seen extraordinary concepts by Martha Stewart Weddings brought to us from brides. It has been such an inspiration to us and a pleasure to help brides create the visions for one of the most important events of their lives..." -- Sunny & Michael Halperin, owners, Party Rental

"I am incredibly grateful to Martha Stewart Weddings for reminding the world that a wedding cake should be much more than something beautiful to behold. Because of your example, brides are no longer indifferent about their cake. I thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence. Congratulations!" -- Sam Godfrey, founder, Perfect Endings

"What Martha has shown us is the power of using design and the integrity of a personal vision to help define what a marriage could strive for." -- Philippe Cheng, photographer, Philippe Cheng Photography

"From its first issue, Martha Stewart Weddings has educated and guided readers with a host of elegant options. As a jewelry and style expert, I use the magazine to help couples seeking ideas and information to start their lives together with confidence." -- Michael O'Connor, senior VP, Platinum Guild International

"It is ironic that green weddings are a recent trend. Martha Stewart Weddings, I find, is the original magazine that used the concepts of fruits from your garden and elements that are green and available. Congratulations on your success!" -- Preston Bailey, event designer 

"Happy anniversary! Thanks for being our partner when it comes to showcasing elegant and stylish brides." -- Manuel Mota, creative director, Pronovias

"Congratulations on the big 15! Since its inception, Martha Stewart Weddings has been a major influence on how today's couples plan their weddings. I've long lost count of how many brides have come to us through the magazine. Here's to another 15 fabulous years!" -- Reem Acra, CEO, Reem Acra New York

"I started designing and baking wedding cakes at the same time Martha and her team were planning the first issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Martha wasn't only interested in my new approach to wedding cake design, but she actively helped me." -- Ron Ben-Israel, owner, Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

"Happy anniversary, Martha! The announcement of our new Sandals and Beaches customized wedding packages by Martha Stewart is just the icing on the cake. We are so excited to tie the knot with you." -- Adam Stewart, CEO, Sandals Resorts International

"I remember the feeling I had when I saw Martha Stewart Weddings for the first time. I was in awe of the understated beauty in its pages. The magazine changed the wedding industry; it has been an honor to be a partner." -- Christina Dalle Pezze, designer & founder, Simple Silhouettes

"I first fell in love with Martha Stewart Weddings when I was 16 and my older sister was getting married. Since then, there are few things I look forward to more than getting the latest issue in my mailbox. I honestly can't imagine I ever would have started Snippet & Ink if it hadn't been for that issue of Weddings my sister purchased years ago. Congratulations on 15 years!" -- Kathryn Storke, owner & editor, Snippet & Ink

"Congratulations! Fifteen years ago, no one wanted to be known as a wedding-industry professional, but Martha Stewart Weddings single-handedly turned the wedding world around, instantly making it more beautiful, inspirational, and creative. Thank you so much for that!" -- Tara Guerard, owner & designer, Soiree by Tara Guerard

"It was in 1996 that the Martha Stewart team contacted us to make an embosser that could be used on napkins. Suddenly, it was fun to come to work again! What a breath of fresh air it was as we were exposed to so many pleasant and creative people. We look forward to many more successful years of working together. Happy 15th anniversary!" -- Donald Carucci, owner, Stampworx 2000

"Martha Stewart Weddings is a tremendous inspiration to both myself and the brides I work with. They walk in with binders and folders filled with ideas from your magazine. I am extremely proud that my work has appeared on your pages. Thank you for the privilege of being part of 15 very successful years for Martha Stewart Weddings!" -- Cathy Harrington, owner, Stationers Engraving Company

"In every business, there is usually one chance happening, one perfect moment that turns your brand into something of substance. For Style Me Pretty, it was our first phone call from Martha Stewart Weddings. Our partnership is beyond inspiring. It has given our business the chance to grow, to thrive, and to find our own voice in this incredible industry." -- Abby Larson, editor, Style Me Pretty

"When I married in 1996, I clung to those first issues of Martha Stewart Weddings as my proof that we could plan a wedding that truly fit who we were. This set the course for what I do today. I can see the magazine's dramatic influence, as couples seek to imbue a wedding with authentic and personal details, creating the beginning narrative of their life together." -- Denise Sharp, proprietor, Studio D.Sharp

"Martha Stewart's first book on weddings started a trend toward individual style, whether the celebration took place on a boat, on a lawn, at a vineyard, or at a formal venue. Martha Stewart taught a bride style, simplicity, details, and, of course, the art of celebration. She has spawned an industry that owes her gratitude for sharing her taste and style with millions." -- Sylvia Weinstock, owner, Sylvia Weinstock Cakes

"Martha Stewart Weddings has proven to be the go-to resource for our brides. They look to it for ideas and concepts, then come to us with a clear vision of how to make their day one of a kind. The magazine is even a must-read for all the single women in our office. We applaud the editors for their outstanding work and years of service. Congratulations!" -- Bobby Taylor, owner, Taylor Creative

"Martha Stewart and Tiffany & Co. share the same unofficial motto: 'It's fun to dream!' We gratefully and fondly applaud Martha Stewart Weddings on its 15th anniversary for its great and many contributions to all the fun that it is to dream." -- John Loring, design director emeritus, Tiffany & Co.

"You can spot the brides from a mile away. They have pages ripped from Martha Stewart Weddings clutched in their hands, looking for the products featured in the story to enhance their weddings. Congratulations on your 15th anniversary!" -- Marcia Ceppos, owner, Tinsel Trading Company

"I have never met a bride who does not see Martha Stewart Weddings as the bible for a beautiful wedding. I look forward to each and every issue. They endlessly inspire me and make me want to get married over and over again. Happy anniversary!" -- Thayer Allyson Gowdy, owner, Thayer Photo

"Dessy Group would like to thank Martha Stewart Weddings for 15 years of unparalleled inspiration and creativity." --  Alan Dessy, CEO, Dessy Group

 "Martha Stewart Weddings forever changed the wedding-flower industry. We all wait with great anticipation for every new issue to arrive on the shelves. Everyone remembers the simple and fresh bouquet of miniature calla lilies that, in my opinion, still influences the trend in bridal bouquets to this day. Happy anniversary!" -- Livia Cetti, floral stylist, The Green Vase

"The Wedding Library was founded on the premise that brides value talent. The vendors and products we represent are directly inspired by the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings and the standard we have studied over many years in your magazine's pages. We're constantly inspired by the style, products, and services you've shared with us. Happy anniversary!" -- Claudia Hanlin, founder, The Wedding Library

"Thank you, Martha Stewart Weddings, for your dedication to tasteful, uncompromised luxury. Your magazine has truly set the standard for the industry, and your excellent work will always be an inspiration to me." -- Elena Grapsas, proprietor, Ultimate Bride

"Thank you, Martha Stewart Weddings, for helping so many women find the perfect bridal shoe for their special wedding day, and for helping me, as a designer, complete the dream of so many wonderful brides." -- Vanessa Noel, designer & owner, Vanessa Noel

"Martha Stewart Weddings touches on everything bridal, from the dress to the reception. It has always been tasteful, charming, thoughtful, and informative. Congratulations on 15 years!" -- Vera Wang, chairman & CEO, Vera Wang

"Martha Stewart Weddings presents beautiful articles in an appealing and understandable style. Wedgwood salutes all the people who have produced such a constantly excellent publication for 15 years." -- Lord Piers, Wedgwood international ambassador, Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton

"Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts. Martha Stewart Weddings has brought the same visual impact and inspiring details to the world of weddings that Martha Stewart Living brought to the everyday. Watters has truly enjoyed its relationship with the Martha team over the years. We look forward to the magazine's continued success for years to come." -- Vatana Watters, CEO, Watters & Watters

"Looking back through old issues, you see that the ideas and inspiration featured in Weddings are enduringly fresh and relevant today. Martha Stewart Weddings is evermore beautiful, accessible, and timeless." -- Bee Kim, founder, weddingbee.com

"We have always been big fans of Martha Stewart Weddings -- in fact, we were at the party when Weddings went to four issues a year. When we enlisted Darcy and her team to be on the Wedding Podcast Network, we knew they'd be the instant listener favorites that they are now. Keep up the great work, and here's to another 15 years." -- Robert Allen & Holli Ehrlich, founders, Wedding Podcast Network


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