Personalizing Invitations: Monograms

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2000

Your initials are a simple yet personal motif for your stationery wardrobe. While monograms are always elegant, they can be either formal or casual. And you can create your own design without being a born artist. For the E (far left), we used a linocut kit. The CW (top left) is from the type library of a stationer. You might also have a calligrapher or illustrator design an original monogram for you, as with the A (left) and JB GH (top center) cards. Cards with first initials only -- as in the C&M (far right, bottom) and ND (top right) cards -- are used before the ceremony; afterward, the couple's new shared initial may be added, as in the NMD thank-you card (far right).

Personalizing Invitations


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