Floral Stationery

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2006

Perhaps nothing is more emblematic of love than flowers. Which is why an invitation sprinkled with blossoms is the perfect harbinger of a wedding. While inherently romantic, floral stationery needn't be feminine or ornate. The look can be fresh and modern, warmly personal, even playful, conveying your sense of style -- and the tenor of your event -- at a glance.

For the greatest impact, adorn all the pieces of your stationery suite, from invitations to menu cards to thank-you notes, with a single motif. We worked with five different stationers to create the original suites on these pages. Pick the flower you love, or talk to your vendor about designing a variation that's just right for you.

A Sampling of Floral Motifs in Five Distinct Styles
1. Delicately outlined lilies-of-the-valley
2. A crisp, poetic tulip
3. The sunny face of a poppy in bloom
4. Silhouettes of orchid sprays
5. Dainty iconic daisies

Lily-of-the-Valley Stationery
Tulip Stationery
Poppy Stationery
Orchid Stationery
Daisy Stationery


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