Handmade Thank-You Cards: Photo Postcards

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2003

Photo postcards allow you to share your wedding-day memories -- and they are simple to create. The deckled edges and stamped "Post Card" heading evoke correspondence from the early 20th century.

Photo Postcards How-To

  1. Affix two 4-by-6-inch photos to a sheet of paper with a glue stick, lining up edges. (Be sure you have the photographer's permission to use the images.)
  2. Color-photocopy the page onto white card stock. Leaving a 1/8-inch border, cut out each card with deckle-edge scissors.
  3. With a rubber stamp that has an old-fashioned "Post Card" graphic (download template and have stamp made at an office-supply store), stamp the back of each card. Using a ruler, draw a line down the center to separate your message from the address.


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