Monograms: Letters Raised

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer/Fall 1997

Personalized stationery is a vital part of wedding planning, and Matthew Flood of Dempsey and Carroll, stationery engravers in New York City, finds that most people still pick traditional "black on ecru with a 'flourishy' script monogram" for their thank-you notes and official correspondence. After the wedding, he adds, "they let their artistic side take over." Think Gothic Revival, Art Deco, or perhaps Jeffersonian simplicity. Or don't stop at initials. "One couple loved trout fishing," says Lewis, "so they crowned their initials with a leaping trout. And I remember we did a wreath of sugarcane with initials inside it for people called 'Sugar.' "

Although women traditionally used their maiden names on stationery, modern etiquette allows many variations on the choice of initials. His and her initials (above) are separated only by a tiny star and are united under an embossed symbol. The monograms GAF and MMM may include the first initials of both members of a couple or refer only to the bride -- your correspondents will know who's who. Most of these examples are engraved with a metal plate; the folded sheet with DRM was made by letterpress, which creates a luxurious, textured feel.

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