Mark the Day in a Memorable Way

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 36 2006

Tell guests you've set a date with a calendar-inspired card.

Folded Calendar
This clever reminder needs no envelope. Unsealing the sticker reveals the 'save-the-date' message; unfolding the page shows the day.
Learn how to fold the calendar.

Mini Calendar
Convey the same news on a small scale: Have a rubber stamp made with your information and stamp it onto store-bought notecards (or have the cards printed by your stationer). Attach a miniature calendar to the bottom with double-sided tape. Turn to the proper month, hold page open with a heart sticker, and circle the date.

Single Page
Use vinyl number stickers in different sizes to mimic a sheet from a page-a-day calendar. Then photocopy the original, reducing or enlarging it to fit inside a square envelope.

The Write Idea
Print a simple sentiment on kraft paper, then cut into strips, sign it, wrap around a marker, and send in a mailing tube.


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