Program Booklets

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 23 2003

These guides to the wedding ceremony are both beautiful and useful. They can capture the event from start to finish and provide a cherished memento for everyone. They also offer a wonderful opportunity to speak directly to your wedding guests, letting them know what the day and the details mean to you. The contents can't be printed until all the specifics have been decided, but you can get a head start by having the covers made when you order your invitations so they match exactly. Or, if you have the time and creative inclination, design the program yourself on a computer, reproduce it with a photocopier, and add whatever decorative elements you desire. Rubber stamps, stickers, wax seals, and handmade bindings all offer simple ways to make your programs unique.

Have members of your bridal party help with assembly, and the work will be fun. Make enough for all your guests, plus a few extras. Remember that programs aren't required at a wedding, so guests may not look for them. To be sure that they aren't missed, create a display in a place each guest will pass when entering the ceremony site. Alternatively, you can have the ushers distribute the programs as the guests are being seated, or leave one at each seat beforehand.

No two weddings are exactly alike, and no two programs should be, either. Limit yourselves to the briefest explanations of events, or expand to include poetry, song lyrics, or dedications. There are no set rules for what must be in a ceremony program. A basic program usually has a title page that includes the who, what, where, and when of your wedding (or just the first names of the couple and the date), a page to acknowledge participants in the ceremony, and an outline of your service will let your guests know what to expect and help them follow along. Some couples include a page devoted to honoring a loved one, or a page explaining cultural and religious rituals included in the ceremony. Including the readings and hymns in the program can involve guests in the ceremony, and including the text of a favorite poem can be equally touching.

Program booklets provide your guests the information they want while setting the tone for the day. Remember to match yours to the style and theme of your wedding. Here are six simple ways to personalize yours.

Program Booklets: Ribbon Binding
Program Booklets: Luggage Tags
Program Booklets: Sealed Envelope
Program Booklets: Zigzag Stitch Pages
Program Booklets: Letterpress Trifold
Program Booklets: Accordion Fold


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