Wedding Newsletter How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Special Issue 2009

This "Good Morning!" newsletter fills guests in on everything they need to know about the day -- the timeline, temperature, tide report, meal info, and special activities they won't want to miss.

Download our PDF (we've provided three designs: for a wedding held at the beach, in the country, and in the city), and print on cream text-weight paper. (If you are using a Mac, print the PDF using Preview instead of Adobe Reader.)

Sea Good Morning News
Country Good Morning News
City Good Morning News

In the top bars, circle the day of the week and the date. Fill in the expected temperatures and the tides (get the information from the local newspaper; your hotel's front desk may be able to supply this as well).

Fill in phone numbers and other contact information. Then add all the activities as they apply to your event.

For "Eats," consider designating a particular place that people can gather if they wish to join others for the company. If you aren't treating your guests for these meals, you'll need to be sure that's clear. Just write "We recommend..." or "Want to meet everyone at...?" or a similar phrase to make it clear. Or write "On your own" if you think your guests won't be interested in a group gathering.


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