Clever Ways to Save the Date: Folding How-Tos

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2006

Paper Airplane How-To
Start with an 8 1/2-by-5 1/2-inch piece of heavy paper.

1. Lay the paper flat with the short side toward you; fold in half vertically.

2. Fold both upper corners down to meet at center crease.

3. Fold sides in toward center so that angled edges line up with the crease.

4. Fold sides in toward the center again, lining up with crease.

5. Type up your wedding information, and have lettering made into a rubber stamp at an office-supply store. Stamp details onto the wing of the folded paper airplane.

Folding the Calendar
Make your own calendar using a word-processing program. Be sure the message at the top fills the upper one-quarter of the page. Print onto 11-by-17-inch paper.

1. Lay calendar face up. Fold in half, then fold back the top of the calendar, exposing "save-the-date" message (top edge should be even with fold).

2. Unfold. Bring bottom edge up to meet center fold; crease. Refold so only the top fourth of the page is showing.

3. Fold paper in half as shown, enclosing printed information.

4. Address outside of folded calendar, and seal along right edge with a decorative sticker.

Making Scalloped Borders
Here's how we made colorful scalloped borders on the confetti cards. Most basic word-processing programs allow you to print sections of information surrounded by thick colored borders. Print out on 8 1/2-by-11-inch card stock. Using the inside of the border line as your guide, cut out cards with scalloping scissors.


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