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Fringed Pyramid Favor Box

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2011


Send wedding guests home with a flirty fringed favor box using this simple how-to from Confetti System founders Nick Anderson and Julie Ho.

Tools and Materials

  • Scissors
  • Colored and metallic tissue paper
  • Fringe scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pyramid box
  • Candy favor
  • Raffia in complementary color

Pyramid Favor Box How-To
1. Cut 1- by 3 1/2-inch strips of colored and metallic tissue paper. (Each face of the pyramid will require 8 strips; use more for a thicker look.) Use fringe scissors to cut 1/2-inch fringe along length of the strip.

2. Apply glue to one triangular face of pyramid box. Layer colored tissue strips, beginning at triangle base and working upwards. Once layering is complete, trim excess fringed paper with scissors. Repeat on remaining three sides of box, alternating between metallic and colored tissue. Let dry.

3. Fold box into pyramid shape. Place candy favor inside box and close. Tie box together using two raffia strands.

Finished fringed favor boxes available from Confetti System. White pyramid boxes available from Bayley's Boxes. Fringe scissors from Martha Stewart Crafts.


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