Creative Packaging

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 36 2006

Wedding favors get a light touch with delicate, pretty wrappings.

Gumdrops fill twist-top cones tied with linen thread.

Cone How-To:
Cut three 10-inch squares of tissue and one 6-by-6-inch square of card stock. Roll card stock into cone; secure with adhesive dot, and trim top. Roll tissue squares around cone; hold while filling with candy. Twist top; tie with linen thread.

Pea Pod
Round candies costumed as peas in a pod are secured to calligraphed cards.

Pea Pod How-To:
Roll two round candies in a 4-by-5-inch rectangle of tissue. Twist in middle, then at ends; trim. Lay the wrapped candies on 4-by-2 1/4-inch dark-green rectangle; fold up sides, twist ends, and trim. Attach to tag with double-sided tape.

Bright apples wear tissue-paper attire.

Apple How-To:
Stack two 10-inch tissue squares. With scalloping shears, trim edge through both layers. Roll apple in tissue, leaving the top exposed. Twist tissue at base, cut off excess, and flatten end. Punch hole in cardstock tag; tie on with baker's twine.

Candy Wrappers
Colorful wafer candies get dressed in white for a wedding.

Candy Wrappers How-To:
Roll pastel candies in white tissue. Twist ends to secure, and trim.

Jaunty bows finish trios of tissue-wrapped biscuits.

Biscuits How-To:
Wrap each biscuit in waxed tissue; secure at ends with double-sided tape. Stack biscuits; place double-sided tape between them to secure. Wrap the stack with 1/2-inch-wide strip of tissue; twist and trim. Slip card under tissue; secure with adhesive dot.


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