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Doily Wrapped Chocolate Favor

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When it comes to weddings, success is in the details. And this simple project -- a petite chocolate bar wrapped in a blue doily and tied "just so" -- provides a thoughtful, affordable, and delicious way to thank everyone in attendance. At the end of the reception, give the bars as favors, or leave them in your guests' rooms as special treats.

To make them, place a small chocolate bar in the center of the doily and fold the doily's sides up over the bar's ends. Thread a 7-inch length of 1/4-inch-wide satin ribbon through the doily. (You may need to snip the doily lace to allow the ribbon to pass through.) If desired, place a sticker on which you've handwritten a special message, such as "thank you" or "good night," (see the template below for the good night label) in the center of the chocolate bar, securing the ribbon and edges of the doily. Fold the top and bottom of the doily over the ribbon, and secure with double-sided tape. Use Fabri-tac to glue the ends of the ribbon over the top of the doily, then glue a small, flat bow in the center, covering the ends of the ribbon.

Good Night Label template


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