Candle Chandeliers

Quilted jam jars holding votive candles hang from a grape-covered arbor. As night falls, crystals wired to the bottoms of the jars will cast refracted candlelight onto the stucco walls.

Martha Stewart Living, July 2006

Collect enough jam jars and chandelier crystals for the project. Wrap 20-gauge wire around the top of each jar at one of its grooves (the wire should be snug but not overly tight). Hook a U-shaped 24-gauge wire onto the first wire, leaving a small gap so it "swings" under the jar. Make a small crimp in the wire where the crystal will hang; attach a crystal. Use 20-gauge wire to create a hanger. Tighten all wires by twisting them with needlenose pliers. Place a votive candle inside the jar. Hang jars from chains purchased at a hardware or jewelry-supply store.



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