Peppermint Topiaries How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 25 2003

For each peppermint topiary, you will need a terra-cotta pot (spray-painted white), thick Royal Icing, a Styrofoam topiary form, peppermint candies in various shapes, and several peppermint sticks. Place the base of the topiary form in the pot, and secure it with hot glue. To cover the topiary's post, use scissors to cut candy canes (with plastic wrappers still on) to the length of the post; attach to post with hot glue (do not unwrap). Spread icing 1/2 inch thick onto a 5-inch section on the top of the topiary form. Press peppermint candies into the icing. Repeat, working on one 5-inch section at a time, until topiary form is completely covered. Cover top of potted Styrofoam base with royal icing, and add peppermint candies. Let dry overnight.



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