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DIY Wedding Music Tips

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2011

Smart strategies for couples who want to take on the music themselves.

Use a Computer
An iPod is small and lends itself to mistriggers, while laptops have much more memory and allow you to add songs to a list without stopping or skipping.

Create Multiple Playlists
Options such as Early Dancing, Late Dancing, Dancing with Parents, and Dancing with Friends let you match the party's energy level.

Tech Out
Rent professional-grade speakers, especially if you're having more than 50 guests, as well as adapter cords. "Don't forget a microphone for the officiant and speeches. The loudest guest becomes instantly quiet when you use amplification."

Don't Try to DJ
Recruit a friend to man the computer and take requests during the reception (there will be many).

Get Creative
Throw in a few obscure favorites -- it's your day!

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