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Rustic Wildflower Wedding-Ceremony Aisle Runner How-To

Create an enchanting ceremony path by adding untamed posies to a wooden flower frame.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2011

Thanks to a pair of ingenious wooden panels, you can walk toward your groom flanked by hundreds of wildflowers. “These structures are incorporated into European floral design all the time, and they’re so easy to use—all you do is fill the framework with stems,” says floral designer Livia Cetti of The Green Vase in New York City. Start working on these one day before your ceremony.


The Tools

1. An assortment of wildflowers (Cetti used larkspur, lisianthus, bridal wreath spirea, and lepidium)


2. Floral water picks


3. Two pine birch panels (Dutch Flower Line, $75/panel; 212-727-8600)



1. Cut flowers so they stand between 1 and 2 feet high. Fill floral water picks with tepid water, then place one on the end of each stem. If some stems are especially narrow, group two or three in the same tube. Refrigerate everything in buckets overnight.


2. Insert picks into the wooden panels, nestling them between the pinecones and the grid of branches. Start in the middle with the greens to create a hedge, and then fill out toward the edges with the colored flowers. If some of the water tubes remain visible, go back in and cover the top of the panel with a layer of moss.

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