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Fabric Pom-Pom Flower Girl Headband How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2011

This pom-pom headband, which makes a fun, wiltproof alternative to a floral wreath, entails wrapping fabric around a store-bought band and then tying on a pouf made from strips of the same material.

Basic How-To

1. Cut a strip of lightweight woven fabric that's long and wide enough to cover a thin metal or plastic headband. For the pom-pom, tear the same fabric into fifteen 1 1/4-by-6-inch strips.

2. Cover the headband with a thin coat of fabric glue, then wind the long strip neatly around it. Once you reach the ends, cut away any excess fabric and tuck the edges underneath.Glue in place. For the pom-pom, bunch 14 of the short strips together, and pinch in the center. Use the remaining strip to tie the center of the bundle to the headband (we recommend attaching it slightly off-center). Secure with a dot of fabric glue. Note: For a smaller pom-pom, simply use fewer fabric strips; for a larger one, use more.

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