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Candy-Shaped Note Cards for Guestbooks How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2011

1. Download our PDF files, and open them using Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you are using a Mac, please use Reader instead of Apple's Preview application). Most browsers already include this program, but if you have trouble downloading the file or would like to upgrade Acrobat Reader, you can obtain the latest version of this software for free from Adobe's website. Note that the first page of each file is the back of the cards, and the second page is the front. Also note that the two files show different color schemes.

2. For each file, Print the first page only onto card stock. Turn the paper over and insert it in the printer again; print the second page on the back. (Check the alignment by printing a single test sheet first.) Repeat for the second file.

3. Cut out the note cards, cutting just inside the light-gray lines on the backs of the cards.

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