Including Cultural Dances: Hiring Professional Dancers

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2004

Yet another twist on ethnic dances is to hire professional performers, which is what Zoe Pittokopitis and Perry Vidalakis did for their July 2002 wedding in Los Angeles. The couple treated guests at the rehearsal dinner to a performance by East African dancers, an acknowledgment of their engagement on safari in Tanzania. At the wedding, members of the Pasadena Civic Ballet performed a Ukrainian Hopak dance in honor of the bride's ancestors on her mother's side. Ethnic dancing at a wedding gives guests the chance to join in a favorite tradition, or maybe sample something brand new. Either way, it will add liveliness and laughter to your reception.

More Cultural Dances
A gentle playfulness is characteristic of these four wedding-specific dances.

La Vibora, Mexico
The newlyweds form an arch, hands clasped above their heads. Single men and women pass underneath until the couple captures one of each, who will then receive the garter and be tossed the bouquet.

Slovakia, Broom Polka
Dancing a polka with a broom as her partner, the bride celebrates the fact that she is setting up house with her new husband.

Philippines, Money Dance
The bride and groom dance with guests, who pin money to their clothes. Many other cultures have a version of this dance.

Norway,  Dancing off the Crown
The bride is given a crown set with imitation gems, then blindfolded and surrounded by dancing single women. She tries to catch the other women to place the crown on their heads, thus passing on her good fortune at getting married.

Including Cultural Dances


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